As a purveyor of cutting edge juvenile products, Nursery Works is committed to innovation and evolution. The Vault contains some of the designs that have lead us to the present.

Lydian Crib

With Lydian we wanted to celebrate the unmistakable luxury of gold alongside the natural beauty of black walnut. In designing Lydian, the gold frame was the core concept from day one. The rest of the crib defers to it and all decisions of form relate back to it. Learn more

Highlight Crib

The concept of the crib becoming a desk is as appealing today as it was when we debuted the crib in 2012. When you invest in a quality, bench-made piece like this you want to be able to use it forever, so we were insistent on no-compromise aesthetics and functionality for both the crib and desk. Learn more

Cubism-inspired bedding

In collaboration with Wee Gallery, we brought avant garde influences from the early 20th century into the nursery with cubist-inspired bedding and decor. Learn more