Teddy Fong

Product Designer

Teddy Fong

What is your background in?

I grew up with constant exposure to Million Dollar Baby Co. and always had an entrepreneurial drive. After college, I joined the team here at MDB Co. and continued to expand my knowledge and passion for every aspect of the furniture industry while also occasionally pursuing other business ventures.

What is your design style?

I love designs that reflect the California spirit- a light, airy, and modern lifestyle. Practical, but stunning and unique. Also, having a manufacturing background, I have really come to appreciate designing amazing pieces at attainable prices

What inspires you?

Good vibes. When it comes to furniture, I’m inspired by how a piece makes you feel more so than intricate details. I like to imagine it in various spaces of homes.

What do you like to do for fun?

Life is fun! I love my job, leading this company. When home, I spend time with my wife and two daughters; we go to museums, eat great food, and enjoy our time with close friends and family. Traveling is great! And I love basketball, I play with some guys every week and am a huge Lakers fan.