Highlight Crib

Each piece of the Highlight Crib was crafted in Los Angeles from 100% white oak. The mattress support in Fluoro Yellow adds a vibrant pop of color with the otherwise neutral design

Designed by Matt Grayson

Product Designer

With the ease of a flip the Highlight crib seamlessly transforms into an adult-sized desk. The end panels wrap around to form the desk top, creating a durable work surface for years to come.

Versatile Design

Highlight began life as a concept crib—the District crib—which we built from reclaimed oak and steel. The switch to new white oak, a necessary change to pass safety standards, lightened the tone of the crib and made it more fit for a nursery.

The concept of the crib becoming a desk is as appealing today as it was when we debuted the crib in 2012. When you invest in a quality, bench-made piece like this you want to be able to use it forever, so we were insistent on no-compromise aesthetics and functionality for both the crib and desk.