Surya Sajnani


Surya Sajnani

What is your background in?

I grew up in India and even though I graduated in the sciences, art was always my passion. I trained as a graphic designer at one of India's most prestigious graphic design agencies, Ray+Keshavan Design. I came to the US in 2000, and started a line of graphic baby products with my husband in 2004 after our son was born.

What is your design style?

I love drawing animals, and my style is simple and graphic. I work in many mediums, from hand drawing to illustrating on the computer. My animals tend to be whimsical and maybe a little eccentric. Our products have been carried at outlets like Anthropologie, MoMA, Gap, and Barney's.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my kids, and marvel at how their spontaneity is infused into all the beautiful art they make. I also love vintage and folk art.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love thrift shops! I used to have a vintage store on Etsy, so I figured out where all the good spots to find treasures are. I have found a number of amazing Scandinavian pieces, and lots of mid century items that have inspired my work.