Chelsea J. Park

Product Designer

Chelsea J Park

What is your background in?

I discovered industrial design on a visit to the Noguchi museum several years ago. His work was intriguing, it proved sculptures could also be useful. Fast forward to a couple years, after graduating from Art Center College of Design, I was lucky enough to live and work in both Europe and the US gaining a sense of both the Silicon Valley and Scandinavian approaches to design. It’s been a fun ride but it is far from over.

What is your design style?

Unique colors and simple forms drive my design process. Although one day this may change, as I am always looking for new aesthetic nuances. This endless process of learning and exploration is crucial to me as a designer, it keeps me curious and motivated to see the world. 

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in the mixing and remixing of objects that exist around me to which I add a zest of playfulness. When designing for children and adults alike, humor can never be a bad thing!

What do you like to do for fun?

It’s hard to pry me off of design blogs but when I’m not in front of those or at design fairs, I can be found singing my heart out at karaokes.